Cancellation Policies

Cancellation Policies:

We cancel classes by sending an email at least one hour before class or the evening before for camp cancellation. We mainly cancel for these 5 reasons:

1. Heavy rain. In case it’s raining or is starting to rain with a forecast for more heavy rain.

2. Wet fields. Field providers generally close fields if they’re too wet.

3. Heat over 100 degrees.

4. Lightning and thunder.

5. Air quality. For air quality, we consult our medical professionals every-time before canceling or not due to air quality. We will cancel outdoor practices if the air quality index is over 100. We use both and for air measurement. If the air quality is over 75 but under 100 we ASK parents to evaluate their own children in regards to chronic conditions such as asthma and decide whether to send their child to practice those days. Either way, WE coaches should reduce the strenuousness of the practices for AQI’s between 75-100 (no sprints for example). We try to make the call on classes as much in advance as possible but it will be helpful to keep an eye out as conditions can changes within 30 minutes depending on the wind.

Cancellation decisions will come from the company and not individual class coaches and we may also choose to cancel class/camp outside these parameters with the added influence of COVID. Any classes/camps missed due to cancellation will be made up by extending the season by a week, same time and place. Extra minutes may be added to remaining classes if we anticipate running out of scheduled makeup days. Credit and refunds are also an option for those who can’t attend makeups.

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