COVID-19 Compliance Information

Please read this entire document carefully so you understand what we and you are required to do.

  1. Anybody with confirmed COVID-19, COVID-19 symptoms or who has had contact with a COVID-19 patient should NOT attend camp. Please let us know and we will either transfer you to another camp after 3 weeks, or you can get a refund.
  2. Kids and coaches can only attend our camp this week. Your player (s) CANNOT attend any other camp or class this week. Our coaches are also limited to working with the group of 12 kids they have at camp this week. If the kids return next week, they will be in the same group of 12. If your player is signed up for another program, you have to choose between the two. Should you decide to drop our camp, we will credit you to a future camp or you can get a refund.
  3. Coaches must wear masks when interacting with each other, parents and kids. We recommend parents wear their masks also. The county rules allow coaches and kids to remove face masks while exercising actively, but to put them on as soon as they’re done with the exercise.
  4. Kids should bring masks. We have some to offer those who forget or need them.
  5. Kids will be in strict groups of 12 that must be maintained all week.
  6. The stable group of 12 must have the same coaches.
  7. The 12 cannot interact with kids outside the 12, even siblings.
  8. The 12 report to their own field starting on Tuesday, use their own equipment, have snack together, go to the bathroom together.
  9. No sharing anything: food or water, toys, equipment etc. This applies to siblings who end up in different groups.
  10. We will have constant sanitization of equipment and surfaces around camp.
  11. Every kid will be issued 2 pennies to keep and use all week. No sharing pennies. Kids should give back pennies on their last day of camp.
  12. We will sanitize equipment at the end of each day of camp before packing. No mixing equipment from different fields.
  13. Fields will be set up separate to keep kids and equipment separate.
  14. Fields will be marked for 6 feet separation of kids, coaches and parents.
  15. We will run drills and games that keep the social distance.
  16. Follow the markings and directions at sign up. We will be able to handle groups of 22 kids at a time at sign up. Others are advised to wait in their car till they see a parent leave after signing in.
  17. Sign up starts at 8:30 am, so all fields must be set up by then. The SIGN UP process will be 3 tier:
  18. A: The introduction coach will do a fever check of the parent and child on arrival. Any kid or parent with fever of 100 or above will be sent home immediately. We will offer them credit to do camp again after 3 weeks or they can get a refund. Kids will be checked for water. Each kid MUST bring their own water and snack. Each kid needs at least 2 litres of water or FOUR 16.9-ounce (500 ml) bottles. We can’t use fountains, even for refills, by County rules.
  19. B. Kids will be directed to one of the 3 sign-up points: The sign-up points should be age-group specific: 4-5, 6-7, 8 and older. It is at those 3 signs up points where determination will be made which group the kid ends up in by age and level. Remember they can’t switch groups, so we must get it right the first day! Kids will be marked by bracelet and pennies. Coaches will also take a photo of their group of kids for easy identification on subsequent days.
  20. C: Kids sent to THEIR field. There will be coaches ensuring kids go to their field, and use that field’s equipment only. Our target is to actually have groups of 10, to accommodate kids who do 1-4 days a week. These 1-4 days campers will be told to report to that field going forward.
  21. Snack break is 11-11:30 am. In this camp, we recommend parents do NOT come to snack break unless they’re coming to pick their kid and leave. Each group will have their own snack break area, with their coach(es).
  22. Kids 4-5 years old are done with soccer at 11. We will have them engaged in fun activities within their own group until 1 pm. Older 5 years who would choose to play after snack break can be assigned with the 6-year-olds at sign up.
  23. Pick up process: Kids will be picked up from their own field and coach. Please maintain the social distances as marked on the fields.
  24. Please do not bring your own equipment to camp, not even a ball. We use our equipment.
  25. Kids should dress for soccer with closed-toe athletic shoes or soccer cleats and shin guards.
  26. Los Altos campers will get a uniform. Palo Alto campers will get a camp ball.
  27. Parents should promise to adhere to these rules, otherwise they should let us know so they can be excused from the camp, with full refund if it’s before camp starts, and minus $60 per day for days already attended.
  28. Parents understand this is COVID-19 season and they will not hold Coach Ken Soccer Academy LLC, staff, volunteers, Los Altos School District and the City of Los Altos liable for any COVID-19 related sickness, injury or death related to attending this camp. The parent dropping off the player will be expected to sign this document before their player can be allowed to join our camp.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact me.