Private Lessons & Birthday Parties

Private Lessons
We offer private lessons for 1-10 players. Schedule a training session for $120/hour for up to 4 players and $30/hr/per player for 5-10 players.
Registration and participation for private lessons are by invitation only.
*Please note: Coaches do not work on Saturdays.
Birthday Parties
Birthday parties are a blast with Coach Ken Soccer! Coaches will organize fun soccer games and soccer matches for 1 hour.  The birthday player receives a uniform as a gift. Coaches can host for all levels and all ages!
Up to 11 players – $150 (1 Coach/1 Field)
12-20 players – $250 (2 Coaches/2 Fields)
21-30 players – $350 (3 Coaches/3 Fields)
*Please note: Coaches do not work on Saturdays.