Welcome to Coach Ken Soccer

Coach Ken Soccer is a California-based soccer skills development school that offers classes and camps to kids 4-12 years of age and fun & fitness soccer classes for adult women.

We believe people love what they are good at, and good training is ultimately more important than raw talent.

Our Core Values:
Our four core values: Consistency, Knowledge, Skills and Advancement.

We guarantee your child will have the same good, professional coaches who know them personally and can thus help them best learn and develop their soccer and life skills.

Our coaches are trained to correctly teach soccer skills to different age-groups. They understand how different ages and kids learn, what and how to teach while maintaining a positive attitude and an environment where kids can experience, experiment and learn skills that put them at the top of their age-group.

We teach our soccer players both technical and tactical skills.  Good soccer technique is having good ball and body control. Our players learn how to receive the ball, control it and how to pass, shoot and defend correctly. We especially focus on dribbling fast and changing direction and we teach advanced moves and fakes.
Soccer tactics are about good decision-making and teamwork. We help our players recognize how to utilize the techniques they have learned. We coach our players to be able to read and understand the game for themselves and to strategize with teammates to solve the challenges they face during play.

Our program is personalized and individualized to help each kid develop as a player. Coaches are experienced at quickly identifying each player’s strengths and weaknesses and therefore are able to create programs that address each player’s specific needs.
Our curriculum is progressive and ever-evolving. Using a wide variety of fun exercises, we consistently teach kids new skills to challenge them to reach their full potential.