About Us

We believe people love what they are good at, and good training is ultimately more important than raw talent.

Our Core Values:
Our four core values: Consistency, Knowledge, Skills and Advancement.

We guarantee your child will have the same good, professional coaches who know them personally and can thus help them best learn and develop their soccer and life skills.

Our coaches are trained to correctly teach soccer skills to different age-groups. They understand how different ages and kids learn, what and how to teach while maintaining a positive attitude and an environment where kids can experience, experiment and learn skills that put them at the top of their age-group.

We teach our soccer players both technical and tactical skills. Good soccer technique is having good ball and body control. Our players learn how to receive the ball, control it and how to pass, shoot and defend correctly. We especially focus on dribbling fast and changing direction and we teach advanced moves and fakes.
Soccer tactics are about good decision-making and teamwork. We help our players recognize how to utilize the techniques they have learned. We coach our players to be able to read and understand the game for themselves and to strategize with teammates to solve the challenges they face during play.

Our program is personalized and individualized to help each kid develop as a player. Coaches are experienced at quickly identifying each player’s strengths and weaknesses and therefore are able to create programs that address each player’s specific needs.
Our curriculum is progressive and ever-evolving. Using a wide variety of fun exercises, we consistently teach kids new skills to challenge them to reach their full potential.

About Our Classes:
Our classes are mostly 1 hour long. We do 25-30 minutes of ball skills where each player has a ball at their feet– concentrating on one skill per day (say like speed dribbling or step-overs or passing or shooting etc) and reinforced by fun games; 5-10 minutes of agility focused on improving the players abilities to make soccer movements forward, sideways, backwards, jumping etc; then we do 1v1 for about 10 mins and finally, we end with a 4v4 or 5v5 soccer match for 10-15 mins. Players are divided into groups of 8-12 by age and ability.
The classes are run by our coaches who are all trained to coach young players of all levels. But for emergencies, the same coach(es) will be at the same location for the season, often for years– we strive for consistency in coaches. All our coaches follow the same curriculum per level per season so all locations run the same program for the same level per season. Curriculum changes from season to season.

About Our Camps:

Camp location varies and will be provided as soon as we secure the fields. Our Palo Alto YDP camps are often at Cubberly Field (park by 4000 Nelson Drive, Palo Alto) and the City of Los Altos Camps at Heritage Oaks Park, 1300 McKenzie Avenue, Los Altos. Coach Ken Soccer Camps in Mountain View/Los Altos area will be held in various locations depending on field availability.

1. All kids must register for camp. For our YDP Palo Alto Soccer Club camps, sign up is through BYGA, for Coach Ken Soccer camps in Palo Alto and in all other areas, sign up is through Activityhero. Sign up for the City of Los Altos.



City of Los Altos:

2. It’s mandatory for all players to wear shin guards and closed-toe athletic shoes or cleats; bring enough water/drink and snacks for all kids. Due to allergy concerns, we do not allow kids to share drinks and snacks/food. Please remind us if your child has any allergies during sign-up. Sunscreen is recommended.

All players must be signed up prior to attending camp. The latest rosters will be printed on the morning of the camp. Players signed for just a few days can choose whichever day works for them to attend. You can also upgrade to do more days by paying the difference. Let the camp Site Leader know if you want to add day(s).

It is important that parents co-operate with the laid down sign-in and sign-out procedure, and our coaches will insist on it at ALL times. We will have the kids in line and parents have to come to their kid and sign them out. We will not let them come to you, that way we are 100% sure who is picking up. We really appreciate your help, parents, for your continued cooperation has made Coach Ken Soccer a safe place for kids for the past 10 years.
We have at least one coach for every 10 kids; this is to ensure kids get ample attention from our experienced coaches. Every camp will mostly have at least 1 male and 1 female coach, and a same-gender coach will generally take the kids to bathroom breaks. Coaches ensure there is nobody else in the bathroom before any kid goes in. They (coaches) wait outside the door. All our coaches have been fingerprinted and cleared to work with kids.

If you have questions, email me at coachkensocceracademy@gmail.com.

It’s mandatory for players to wear shin guards, closed-toe athletic shoes, or soccer cleats. They should also bring water, bring or wear sun-screen depending on the weather. We provide all equipment, including balls, and our equipment is of high caliber to ensure our students train like the best academies in the world.
For those looking for shinguards, soccer cleats, and other soccer gear, we recommend these two local soccer stores:

Pro Soccer, 1235 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City
Soccer Pro, 1338 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose

Registration for Winter 2023 is OPEN!